I'm an entrepreneur, engineer and investor based in Silicon Valley, currently building Makertime.

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A crowdfunding platform for writers. Readers provide direct monthly funding to writers whose work inspires them, bridging the gap between artistic craft and the means to support it.
Code & Canvas
A San Francisco co-working space and community of purpose, dedicated to creation at the intersection of art and technology. Opened in April 2014.
A discovery engine for recipes, powered by social data. Acquired by Pinterest in 2013.
Selected Pinterest boards
The Mistakes Trilogy
Hacker News Twitter Feeds
Tweeting Hacker News stories when they reach 20, 50, 100, 150, 300 or 500 points.
Tweeting with Python
A Simulation of Angel Investing
Angel investors should have the capital, time, and deal flow to support making at least 20 bets. Evidence from these two posts: A Simulation of Angel Investing Part 1 and Part 2.