Hacker Angels

Hacker Angels is a new group of hackers who are also angel investors.

That’s hackers in the good sense.

The group was formed by Gabriel Weinberg of Duck Duck Go.

Also on board are Joshua Schachter, Roy Rodenstein, Jim Young and myself.

Gabriel’s announcement is here. In his own words,

I believe that there are many good hacker entrepreneurs who are not getting the funding or advice they need to get traction for their startups. I also believe hackers relate well with other hackers, which is why I think the concept of hacker angels is so compelling.

Hacker angels can provide startups with targeted advice on technical questions, implementation issues, perhaps even do some coding here and there.

I’m especially interested in data-driven companies and concepts with a strong algorithms component.

If you’re a hacker entrepreneur, or a fellow angel, reach out to us at [email protected].

All of us are also on AngelList.