Blackbirdpy Embedded Tweets in Python

This project was mostly obviated by Twitter’s own release of Embedded Tweets in December 2011.

Blackbirdpy, a Python implementation of Blackbird Pie, the tool Robin Sloan created to generate embedded HTML tweets for blog posts.

Blackbirdpy automatically generates nicely formatted embedded tweets like this:

Just released some new code: Blackbirdpy embedded HTML tweets in Python AM Thu Jun 17, 2010 via web

This tweet is rendered with pure HTML and CSS — no image capture necessary.

While Robin’s JavaScript version and my Python version primarily do the same thing-generate HTML snippets for embedding tweets in web pages-the difference with Blackbirdpy is that it can easily be scripted server-side, eliminating the need for copy-and-paste into static files.

Source Code

The source code for Blackbirdpy is posted on GitHub.


All credit goes to Robin for creating the original Blackbird Pie concept. He generously allowed me to reuse the HTML and CSS from his implementation.