Twitter Users Most Followed by Readers of Hacker News

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One of the best ways to find interesting people to follow on Twitter is to look and see who other smart folks are already following.

With that goal in mind, I’ve created a list of Twitter accounts heavily followed by the Hacker News community. The list is ranked by the percent of HN readers following each person. Many of the people uncovered by this list are themselves active users on Hacker News, but many are not, and overall I think it’s a fun way to get a glimpse of who the HN community finds it valuable to listen to (on Twitter, at least).


One of the byproducts of my Hacker News Twitter feeds project was a data set of Twitter names for all Hacker News users.

This data set is not perfect. First, it only covers HN users who have listed their Twitter accounts in their profile (plus a handful of users I entered in manually, like pg). This set is only a fraction of overall Hacker News readership. Second, the set may be missing some users whose profiles I haven’t yet scraped. In the end, the total data set only amounts to 400-500 Twitter users, although I think that’s probably big enough to be representative of the population of Hacker News readers as a whole.

Once I had this HN user data, generating the list was done using Python and Tweepy.

This list is available as a CSV file.

Twitter Users Sorted by % of All HN Readers Following

Twitter Users Sorted by % of Their Followers from HN