AngelFlow, a Social Dashboard for Angel Investors was shut down on September 27, 2012. Thanks to all the angel investors who used the site. Read the blog post below for an explanation of what it was all about.

AngelFlow is a social dashboard for angel investors, and those who love them.

It brings together all the top angel investors from AngelList and Twitter into a single, unified interface.

You can sign in with your Twitter account and follow angels directly with one click. Hover your mouse over an angel’s Twitter name to see their bio and latest tweet.

If you’re an angel investor with an account on AngelList, AngelFlow makes it easy to connect your Twitter graph with your AngelList graph. You can see who you’re already following on Twitter, then follow them back on AngelList with a single click. (Be sure to sign in with your AngelList account first.)

AngelFlow was built with data from the AngelList API. Thanks to Nivi and Naval for providing the data, and to Brandon Leonardo for the API work.