The Three People to Follow for Tech News on Twitter

December 31, 2010 Comments

2010 is the year I stopped going to blogs or newspapers directly for technology news. Now, I get it all through Twitter. Important stories naturally bubble up through my Twitter stream because so many people retweet them. There’s rarely a need to go out and manually check for news.

But the sources of high quality news tweets are surprisingly concentrated. I’ve found that probably 90% of the good stuff comes from just three accounts. These are the three people you need to follow for tech news on Twitter:

1. @atul. Described as a “super news-hunter” by ReadWriteWeb, and name-checked by the New York Times, Atul Arora tweets breaking news about Silicon Valley, startups and technology in general. He’s mysteriously fast, he doesn’t tweet too often (very important), and he never goes off-topic. Atul’s signal-to-noise ratio is among the highest I’ve seen on Twitter.

2. @hkanji. A one-man news aggregator, Hussein Kanji is an amazing source of not only tech news but articles about markets and venture capital as well. He functions like a cross between The Economist and Hacker News. A master retweeter, it’s not uncommon to see 10 high quality links in a row from hkanji’s account.

3. @newsyc100. Not technically a person, but a bot I made that tweets Hacker News stories scoring 100 points or higher. If major news in the startup world occurs, you’ll see it here, along with whatever else is deemed particularly interesting by the HN crowd. The score threshold is the key to avoiding the noise on HN. And if you want more stories, you can lower the threshold and follow @newsyc50 or @newsyc20 instead.

For more stuff like this, follow me on Twitter.

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